Auteur : Dale Witty

Recipe For One Great Ski Run – Mont Tremblant – 4 February 2018

What’s the recipe for an epic ski at Mont-Tremblant? Sleep in. Grab your touring gear. Climb 6km from P2 up Vertigo/Sasquatch to the peak (lunch along the way). Plan your arrival for 4pm when the gondola and chairlifts are closed and it’s just the ski patrollers at the top waiting to sweep. Drop down Kandahar, Desserres and Dernier Cri. Oh and make sure it’s been snowing all day so the creamy natural snow is ankle deep. Whoop like kids because we can’t believe WE ARE ALL ALONE on Tremblant right now!!! Finish the 4km decent right at the car....

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Sommet Saint-Sauveur – Les Beaux 4 Heures – 3 February 2018

My girlfriend works for Voyages Gendron in the ski department, and they are a major sponsor for this fundraising event at Saint-Sauveur. So when they asked if anyone wanted to make a Gendron team, she signed us both up right away. The weather was cool and bright with little wind, and with the live music and DJs, it was a party atmosphere. Les Beaux 4H ( is a fundraiser for the Foundation Martin-Matte. The Foundation helps offer a better quality of life to children and adults living with a head injury or physical disability, in particular by giving them a...

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Saint Bruno – The Force Awakens – January 28 2018

Okay, I’m impressed. We’ve driven by this ‘mountain’ many times and I heard it has a big ski school, but I never thought I’d ever actually ski there. But this year, my niece and nephews were given ski gear at Christmas and so we’re reserving some precious ski days to pass the torch onto the next generation of shredders. As we drove towards the parking lot, we realized that arriving at 9:30 on a Sunday means a walk. The place was jumping. Cars were making a steady stream into the lower parking lots but Ski Saint Bruno (SSB) has...

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Mont Orford – Up Is Fun Too – 21 January 2018

Following the advice of the customer service girl, we started the day over at Mont Giroux. The Mont Orford side was very busy, with a ski race and Festival des plaisirs d’hiver but the southern area was quieter. This area is steeper with runs for more experienced skiers. My favorite run of the day was Sherbrooke, directly under the Quad Giroux Est chair. On the right side, heading down, we found some softer snow and good moguls. This chair was really quiet so we played on Mont Giroux most of the day. For something different, after lunch, we decided to...

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Mont Sutton – Spring Skiing – 20 January 2018

On the drive to Sutton this morning, I was wondering if all the cars were heading there. With the first mild weather in many weeks, +20 cm of new snow during the week and no rain in the forecast, it looked like a ‘perfect storm’ for crowds. When we arrived they sent us to P3, way at the back and a long hike to the lodge. The line up to Chair II was long enough but we found plenty of room on the slopes, especially around Chair VII. This was where we spent most of the day, enjoying the...

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