Auteur : Dale Witty

Mont Tremblant – Bière En Bas – January 14 2018

Quebec skiers are tough, we all know that. And sometimes the ski conditions reward the foolhardy who brave the cold. But on this day, at -30 C in the morning, the only redeeming features were the beautiful sunshine and the thrill of the challenge. Tremblant has done well to preserve as much snow as possible after the recent heat wave and rains. There were no rocks that we could see and the groomers have been busy to spread the little bit of soft snow across the ice. We started on Versant Nord but the better runs were on the...

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Bromont – Dynamite at Night – 9 January 2017

We finally had a break from the extreme cold so we went for a night ski at Bromont. The weekend brought 20 cm of snow, so conditions were reported to be excellent. And I’ve never skied there, so I was excited to try one of the closest ski hills to Cornwall. The hill is kept perfectly groomed and we even skied first-tracks after groomers passed us going up. It was the same feeling I get when cycling on new pavement. Smooth as butter and awesome! As we rode up chair 4 on Versant du Village, we could see several sections of moguls on both ends of Magog with a good 6 inches of Quebec powder (poo-poo). So, we spent the next hour making multiple runs, connecting these fun zones under the lights. With a fast quad and short lines, we had our legs burning in no time. Ontario residents get privileged access! Check out the “SweetPass” for $215 season passes (year around!) and the “Sweet Ticket” for $55 gets two adults in the hill for 8 hours ( That’s great value for this exceptionally well manicured, family friendly hill in our back...

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Le Massif de Charlevoix, Hot Ski Day at -30, December 30, 2017

The thermometer in the car on the way to Le Massif was bouncing from -24C to -33C as we climbed and dropped through the hills of Charlevoix. But we quickly realized, with no wind, it was quite comfortable with the right gear. The snow was soft and beautiful for skiing so we had big grins and the occasional yippee! My favorite run of the day was in the Secteur Maillard, on L’Ancrage. There was a good amount of snow, up to a foot deep in spots. It was chopped up but still buttery soft and we had a blast...

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Mont Rigaud – Backyard Skiing – December 26, 2017

We spent a wonderful Boxing Day at Mont Rigaud with our niece and nephews on their new skis. Rigaud is a great option for new skiers, both economical and fun, not to mention it’s basically in our backyard. Although bombing the Magic Carpet with the kids was a hoot, I managed to sneak away to the big chair for a couple of turns from the top. My first run was La Falaise, a 815 m long run along the outer boundary on the left (looking up) of the only chair. It was steep enough to carry some good speed...

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Jay Peak, Great Wet Day, 23 December 2017

We took a chance with the weather forecast and drove three hours to Jay Peak Vermont in off-and-on freezing rain. It’s a pretty drive once we headed down the 35 through Quebec to the tiny customs crossing and into Vermont. By the time we got to the hill the thermometer said zero and a light rain was falling. The customer service was friendly and efficient and we were on the hill in no time. We took the 45 passenger Arial Tram all the way to the top, passing through dense cloud on the way. The snow conditions were surprisingly...

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