Bromont was the perfect place to squeeze in some turns mid day on our way back home from visiting my daughter near Sherbrooke. We finally put our skis on around 1pm and quickly threaded our way up the singles line and straight onto the high-speed 6 seat-chair. Once at the summit of Mont Brome we were surprised to see the ultra-modern Chalet du Sommet. No time for a visit yet, we skated over to the map to plan our next move. There were several Bromont guides at the summit to answer questions, and Loïc was quick to assess our needs and point us in the right direction.

We wasted no time and headed down Versant du Lac, one of the seven Versants at Bromont. New York is always a fun piste to warm up on. You can really carve crisp turns on this run, and the Bromont groomers have done a great job.

Once we were at the bottom we rode up the quad chair #6 to do laps on Versant des Épinettes. There were very few people on this side so we could carry speed without interferring with anyone and jump right on the chair. Perfect for my wife and I, with just a couple of hours to enjoy the snow.

My favourite run was Ottawa because the moguls were well defined and the snow was soft. We really enjoyed watching a few young kids in a ski lesson tackling the bumps. They were having a blast!

Eventually we decided to get back up to the summit, and while riding up the #5 chair, we could see the groomers coming down, leaving perfect corduroy in their wake. It’s cool to get a chance at First Tracks in the middle of the day!

At the top of Mont Brome we could see a line of skiers waiting for the rope to drop, allowing them to attack the freshly groomed runs.

Before leaving, we decided to take a look around the brand new Chalet du Sommet. This ultra-modern restaurant has wall-to-wall windows to take in the majestic views.

Le Daffy restaurant has very reasonable priced food and drink, and the lower level has rooms available for private events. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for a beer or a cappuccino but we’ll have to come back.

The clouds were starting to clear up and we saw blue sky for the first time in a few days. Time for one last run down to the Village and sadly end our short visit.

Bromont is always fun, and it was probably our most efficient 2-hours of skiing this year! I can’t think of a better way to break up a 3-hour drive home than to stop for a quicky. Can you?

Dale Witty

SkiMedia Reporter