What an awesome event yesterday in the Easterntownships with some pretty rad ladies!! The first Peppermint Bikefest of the season. A great community of relatable women. Letting women see for themselves how beautiful they are, how strong they are, and they don’t need to compete. #breakthepattern

The girls gathered in the parking lot at Bromont Montagne d’experiences for check in. Perfect set up as there were many great sponsors, a coffee counter, a smoothie and granolabar, a skin-care station, along with all the is necessary to fully enjoy our bike ride.   We could also shop the new 2018 collection at the Peppermint pop up shop.


There were 13 groups that left at different intervals depending on your speed and the course you wanted to ride. The course options; a 63km or a 75km ride from Bromont to Sutton and back.

Being my second ride of the season, I decided to opt for the first option, a 63km ride. The group’s were made up of 12 cyclists and 1 Peppermint Ambassador.

Our group’s amabassador was Helene, and what a little fire cracker she was. She encouraged us and gave us useful tips thruout the day while keeping a positive attitude. I got to ride with an awesome group of ladies who were all part of different bike clubs. We were all strong riders and decided to do intervals as we all had experience riding in a peloton.

The Easterntownships has beautiful landscapes and good road conditions to ride on. And some nice hills to add some challenge. We had motorcyclists that ensured our safety and guided us along the ride. And 43km into the ride, we had a feed zone with refreshments and delicious fresh fruit from a local farm in Rougement.

The biggest challenge for me was going up all the hills but no rider has ever left behind and the team work was awesome. We were also lucky with the weather. We started the ride at 11h00 with beautiful sunshine and it quickly got cloudy. Luckily all 175 riders finished the ride before the downpour.

High five to the great organisation! What a fulfilling ride! The beer and delicious vegie wraps were amazing at the end of the ride! And one of the many highlights of the day was the Balnea Spa gift certificat we all received. Let’s just say I’ll be putting it to good use in the following days.

Many thanks to the ambassadors, motorcyclists who ensured our safety, first responders as well as Techno Cycle for any last minute fixes on our bike.

Good news ladies!! There’s still time to register for the next Peppermint Bikefest. Mont-Tremblant next weekend and Quebec City the following weekend. Totally worth the experience as it’s all about having fun!

Ex Club Expersso Bar
Liberté Canada
Balnea Spa
Evive Smoothie
Les Jardins de la montagne
Michlob Ultra