Here’s what happens when a bunch of ladies head to Kingdom Trails for a Juliana Ride-Out: lots of fun, laughs, riding and new friendships. That perfectly describes my weekend.

Juliana Ride Outs are one-day events that are all things Juliana, bringing local female riding community together thru yoga, post-ride gathering with Juliana pros and of course a group ride.

The local Juliana retailer supported the event. East Burke Sports offered women attending the event demo bikes to try Juliana’s latest and greatest.

Last Saturday morning, the air was crisp outside as we were placing ourselves on our yoga mats. As the sun gently warmed our souls, we took part in a yoga session offered by Andrea Thibaudeau, owner of the Heart Space Yoga Center. She awakened our minds and bodies to an awesome flow session, preparing us for the bike ride ahead. It was a beautiful experience and it allowed me to feel inspired, lifted and energized for the ride. Once the yoga session was over, a healthy (and delicious) breakfast was offered.

Everyone got ready and was given their demo bikes. 34 ladies split into four different groups; beginner, beginner-intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced. A Juliana pro rider was paired with each group. I spent the day getting to work along side pro rider, Porsha Murdock and local rider Amy Mansmann.

I have to admit it was one of the most rewarding experience I’ve had since I started riding 2 months ago. 11 amazing women riding with Porsha and Amy, coming together and improving together, and to be honest, giggling a lot, made my heart fill up. Personally, I find it’s an incredibly empowering experience for girls and women to learn how to do something challenging together. It’s all about the social aspect as well, the camaraderie and support. Just tons of fun! It was such a exceptional group of women, a fantastic selection of trails, skill work and experience.

The ride was immediately followed by a great post-ride gathering at Mike’s Tiki Bar for cold drinks and tasty pizza from Flat Tire Pizza, one of the food trucks next to the Tiki bar. My favourite had to be The Mansmann. A pizza topped with pepperoni, pineapple, bacon and jalapenos. A great atmosphere and vibe to end such a perfect day with a group of rad chicks!

Here are just a few first impressions of what some of my riding companions had to say about riding a Juliana.

“What an awesome day! I rode the Furtado and found it light, responsive and a good climbing bike (probably because it’s lighter than mine). It was a fun bike to ride. Would love to try one with 29” tires if that exists” – Sarah Kresser

“I rode the Joplin xc 27,5 and loved it! It climbed hills so easily. Super light. It was easy to ride on rocks and roots. On decent and tight turns, it responded easily and quickly. Even though the bike had shorter travel, it could handle a beating” – Joanie Talbot

“The Furtado was super easy to manoeuvre. Loved it! The suspension has more travel than mine. It helps in descents that are more technically challenging” – Sandra Frechette

Many thanks to Kelli Emmett and the Juliana team for a fabulous day!!!

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