What an awesome weekend with a great group of ladies.

We had no choice but to be strong warriors meeting up at the hill Sommet Morin-Heights, Saturday afternoon in the pouring rain for the much anticipated event of the season, La POkalypse. An all-female weekend of alpine touring organized by Les Vieilles PO.

While all 50 women started arriving in the parking, the vibe was slowing starting to pick up. Just seeing other women as motivated as I was to be there, got me pumped for the climb up. To my surprise, everyone who registered, showed up despite the rain. Then again, there’s a lot to be said when Les Vieilles PO organize an event, as one is always guaranteed to have fun outdoors all while meeting other alike aspiring women.

Backpacks, skis and colourful ponchos on, we all ventured onto the mountain. We divided into smaller groups and started climbing up the Edzit trail and then the Josée. Many laughs were shared and lots of new friendships were made that afternoon. Once we arrived at the summit, we removed our skins, put on helmets and goggles and down we went Les Terrasses. The snow conditions were nice, considering the rain and weather wasn’t cold so at least we weren’t encountering any icy sections. Once we arrived at the main lodge, we were nicely greeted with some shooters. Skins back on and off we climbed up the Katia trail to finish off the day.

We then all went into our assigned cabins, while some set up in tents, gracefully lent by The North Face. Afterwards we were served a delicious pasta dinner as well as some fresh baked cookies and popcorn, so generously served by La Cage-Brasserie Sportive from Saint-Sauveur. Thank you Nathalie!

Bellies full, we all met up around the campfire to enjoy some smores. As it was still raining out, we quickly gathered in a tiny cabin and finished the night off dancing and singing with the incredible Jolies Alien Babes, an amazing folk/country duo. What an unforgettable evening shared amongst a beautiful community of women. Many memories to cherish as it was truly a remarkable night.

Bright and early Sunday morning, the ladies gathered outside and huddled under a tent for a delicious breakfast and coffee, served by White et Compagnie, a local coffee shop located in Saint-Sauveur. The original plan would have been to go out and do some more touring however due to the heavy rain, we all gathered our belongings and headed home. However not before ending the perfect weekend on a great note and having a raffle. Lots of beautiful prizes were up for grabs.

Many thanks to Les Vieilles PO for organizing such a great event and all the partners involved as well.

Sommet Morin-Heights

Atmosphère Saint-Sauveur

The North Face

La Cage–Brasserie Sportive (Saint-Sauveur)

Café White et compagnie

Julbo Canada

DPS Skis

Jolies Alien Babes