The storms last week from the east coast, brought some great snow to the Charlevoix area. We knew arriving four days after meant there was not much powder left but we couldn’t pass up the chance to close our season on one of our favorite mountains.

The morning was bright and crisp, making the snow squeaky fast. Right away, we could see there were some icy areas but it was no problem to avoid this on most groomed runs. The sides were usually soft and we warmed up doing a few laps off the Camp-Boule Express.

Bluebird days at le Massif are rewarding with spectacular river views. This can be a little distracting as you’re trying to bomb down to the base but we won’t complain too much.

The moguls all over the mountain are well developed and inviting. This is a great place to refine your technique because you can pick the size of the moguls and the steepness off the run to suit your version of fun.

For my money, the glades are the place to be though. You’ll still find the moguls, but the trees shelter the snow from the sun and wind, often being much softer than their unprotected kin. Plus, you’re more likely to find hidden pockets of untracked snow, like we did in La Derive and La Coursive.

Unfortunately we were exploring La 42 and discovered a great deal of exposed rock. There’s a sign at the top to watch for rock but we had to really dance on our skis to avoid damage, much to the delight of the people watching from the chairs above us.

After a fun day on great snow and sunshine, how else to celebrate than with maple taffy on snow, right outside the Chalet Du Sommet.