What a great ride and beautiful weather we had yesterday. Organized by the Peppermint Cycling ambassadors, the Let’s Ride are girls cycling events which are posted via the Strava application. They are held in different locations throughout the country and the routes/distances are posted on the application. I joined yesterday’s ride along with 5 other girls.

Our ambassador Tiff, chose a beautiful 80km route through the Montérégie countryside, on the south shore of Montreal. It was a great opportunity to escape the F1 Grand Prix craziness in the city.

We met up in Chambly and did the tour of Rougement followed by Mont St-Hilaire. The roads were simply in the best condition I’d ever seen them in. We were lucky enough to ride on fresh new asphalt. Just WOW, what a great feeling! Hardly any traffic at all so we were able to enjoy the beautiful countryside scenary to it’s fullest. The roadside was nicely maintenaned as well. The ride had a small challenge once we got to Mont St-Hilaire, a 275m climb up  Chemin des Moulons.

We stopped at the Michel Jodoin cider mill in Rougement for a well deserved break and tried some of their delicous non alcoholic ciders. I highly recommend this place as they are equipped with a self cyclist service station includes a bike stand, air pump as well as all the necessary tools one might need to do a quick fix. They also have a beautiful picnic area.

Our second stop was at the Petit et Fils cider orchard in Mont St-Hilaire. They have a great restaurant with beautiful views overlooking their apple orchard. Totally worth stopping here for their delicious freshly baked goods.

I can’t wait to ride with these ladies again! Thanks Tiff & Marie for your great enthusiasm, encouragements and support!