Following the advice of the customer service girl, we started the day over at Mont Giroux. The Mont Orford side was very busy, with a ski race and Festival des plaisirs d’hiver but the southern area was quieter. This area is steeper with runs for more experienced skiers.

My favorite run of the day was Sherbrooke, directly under the Quad Giroux Est chair. On the right side, heading down, we found some softer snow and good moguls. This chair was really quiet so we played on Mont Giroux most of the day.

For something different, after lunch, we decided to head UP on our skis. Lots of resorts now offer uphill skiing routes so we took out our skins to get some exercise and “earn our turns”.

We followed Tortue from the lodge up the gulley been Mont Orford and Mont Giroux for an hour. We were passed by others enjoying the quiet of the trees, some going up on skins and others coming down with microspikes.

At the top we switched over to downhill mode and skied down to join the others who are enjoying this warm Sunday.

Orford is doing their best with the snow they have and we didn’t see any bare spots. There were icy sections on most runs but the warm weather makes the ice softer, we could easily hold our turns so it was fun and fast skiing!

Another fun day on the slopes. Thanks Mont Orford!