We spent a wonderful Boxing Day at Mont Rigaud with our niece and nephews on their new skis. Rigaud is a great option for new skiers, both economical and fun, not to mention it’s basically in our backyard.

Although bombing the Magic Carpet with the kids was a hoot, I managed to sneak away to the big chair for a couple of turns from the top.

My first run was La Falaise, a 815 m long run along the outer boundary on the left (looking up) of the only chair. It was steep enough to carry some good speed to enjoy the perfect snow.

The run beside it was my favorite of the day. L’Express is slightly shorter at 775 m, but there are a couple of steeper pitches to allow some faster turns and really enjoy the hill. The views of the farmland surrounding Mont Rigaud are beautiful from this run.

The kids want to go back soon so I’ll get a chance to try out the glades (Pic Bois) and hopefully the beer selection at Rigaud’s Apres Ski.