Everytime we ski at SUTTON, we are amazed by the fantastic skiing and the snow covered trees, like out of the fairy tale Frozen! Yesterday, we took my niece and nephews here for their first time, and everyone had a blast! For sure, the highlight of the day was the beauty of the trees, but they were also really impressed about the amount of blue/intermediate trails that they could ski. It was their first time doing that much vertical drop and  they were able to feel their legs by the end of the day. The kids had a lot of fun skiing on the bumps created with Sutton’s brand new man-made snow system. I was so happy about having my familly discovering my favorite ski hill in the East! We were unable to enjoy the Tucker this time, because we had to leave as soon as we were done to avoid the coming blizzard, but we’ll be back soon!

Thanks Mont SUTTON for another day of pure natural winter fun!!!

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