Ok so I’m the first to admit that after seeing Friday’s weather forecast for the townships, I simply had no desire to go skiing. Warm temperatures of 3 degrees Celsius with rain. Simply not the perfect combo to go out touring for my first time out this season. However, an event was being held at Mont Sutton which peaked my interest: Sortie Orage Mountain Club – Ski Randonée à la Frontale

As we walked up to the chalet, I found it weird to be arriving at the hill for 6h00 pm. At that time, I’m usually enjoying my après-ski or leaving the hill. While we were setting up and putting our skins on our skis, we could hear the Mec Trio band playing in the background coming from the Tucker Bar. With the light rain and not being too optimistic about the trail conditions, it was tempting to not just head up to the bar…

Nonetheless, I had never been out night touring before and was eager to adventure out. The participants were all divided into small groups accompanied by a guide. We had the privilege to have Marie-Hélène, a local skier with an upbeat energy as our guide. Once all ready, our small group of 6 left the main chalet and ventured up the Alleghanys trail. It was a nice easy trail up.

We all made it to the top of the 680m altitude chalet where the Orage ambassadors were waiting for us. Having the chalet opened just for us was a nice touch. We got to enjoy a good Carlsburg beer even though it was 0% alcohol.

Once all the participants had made it to the top, we got divided into two groups to safely go down the Alouette trail. Upon starting the descent back down, it was an eerie feeling barely being able to see where you were going due to fog and it being nighttime.

All my senses where enlightened because of the darkness. Such a fun and unique experience to ski in nighttime with only my headlamp. I was also pleasantly surprised with the snow conditions that were very humid yet fun to ski on.

At the bottom, I was almost tempted to go back up again though this time I let the loud music convince me otherwise. Après-ski at the Tucker Bar while happily using my 2 for 1 coupon on Carlsberg beer.

Many thanks to Orage, Guru energy drinks and Carlsberg beer for sponsoring the event and spoiling us!