What a nice way to begin a new month on the calendar! I was really excited to ski Owl’s Head this morning! I went there once,  a few years ago, after a big icy rain, and there were just 3 cars in the parking lot. So really I can say, that today was my first day skiing at Owl’s Head, and it was fabulous. Dale’s daughter is living in Lennoxville for university, so we were able to get the best of both worlds, a family visit and skiing!

We were impressed with the brand new chalet! Literally everything is NEW! The chalet is so big that it was never crowded inside.  The staff is so nice, smiley and helpful! Compared to my last visit, this is Owl’s Head 2.0! You have to come and visit!
We picked Lilly’s Leap for our first run because we heard about the lake view. Even though it was foggy today, we were able to enjoy this amazing and unique view of lake Memphremagog. Wow, it is just amazing!!! I never thought this kind of scenery was possible anywhere else than Le Massif in Charlevoix, with the majestic St. Lawrence River. I am actually quite impressed, and I can’t wait to come back on a more sunny day.

We met a few people climbing up on their skins, and for sure we’ll enjoy earning our turns on the next visit. With the 753 m elevation, it’ll be a nice challenge and a good workout to make sure we really deserve our beer at the apres ski in the new MTN HAUS pub! They also have signs about “Eco Hiking” which I really like, as I am an environmental freak. I approve!

After lunch, we left the kids (20 and 21 years old) and we hit some glades and bumps! The snow was thin in spots but overall really good! It was hard to contain our excitement. We could hear each other ”whoohooing” as we were bumping, stumping, jumping and turning! In the last 75 minutes, we were able to fit 6 runs in as we raced against the clock. Our favorite runs of the day were definitly the Newport Express, the Vestibule, the Magog, the Rodeo and the Outside Edge for the quality of the snow, the bumps and the fabulous trees that were looking like snowghosts. There are so many more runs we wanted to try. We’ll have to come back for sure, because we were unable to explore all the glades as Mother Nature is a little bit cheap this year!

And obviously, we had to try the MTN HAUS pub. We can’t finish a ski day without a good IPA! 
Some people are enjoying the fire pit outside since the weather is so nice!

And just so you know, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are only 25$ for a full day of skiing. Think about that. You can’t even go to the theatre with a popcorn for this price.

On our last run, the sky cleared up and we were able to see Jay Peak in the distance! How beautiful is that?

Enjoy your ski season and see you soon!

Janick Robidoux

Ski Media reporter