What’s the recipe for an epic ski at Mont-Tremblant?

  • Sleep in.
  • Grab your touring gear.

  • Climb 6km from P2 up Vertigo/Sasquatch to the peak (lunch along the way).

  • Plan your arrival for 4pm when the gondola and chairlifts are closed and it’s just the ski patrollers at the top waiting to sweep.

  • Drop down Kandahar, Desserres and Dernier Cri.

  • Oh and make sure it’s been snowing all day so the creamy natural snow is ankle deep.
  • Whoop like kids because we can’t believe WE ARE ALL ALONE on Tremblant right now!!!

  • Finish the 4km decent right at the car.
  • High-fives all around. (FYI they only charge $10 for a day pass to do this…$40 for the season!!)
  • Recommended pairing: Choose a hoppy IPA such as Beau’s Full Time IPA – American IPA with 60 IBUs and 6.7% APV.

Serve and enjoy! (Merci Beaucoup Mont Tremblant!)