Today’s ride was all about learning new skills and having fun with friends while discovering beautiful Parc Mont-Bellevue located in the heart of Sherbooke. Their 21 trails are for all levels of riders, from beginner to advanced. The best part about this mountain is it’s low elevation gain of only 351 ft. Makes it pretty easy to climb the mountain and go down more often.

It was a super nice day and the trails were dry and grippy. I was impressed by the quality of the trails and how we all found our own challenge to have fun and push our limits. My favourite trail was the “Zigzagzoulou”, an intermediate single track with berms, drops, jumps and a pump track. Pretty sweet!

Today was about riding over rocks to rooty trails to taking jumps. I always thought jumps were just for advanced riders but not at all, it’s an important skill to learn. Being able to generate speed without pedalling, snapping my arms, legs and feet from bent to straight, was crucial to understanding how to get my bike airborne. We all have to start somewhere, and just lifting off a few centimeters made me feel like I was flying the air!

Parc Mont-Bellevue is the perfect playground to practice riding over rocky and rooty sections. Honestly at the beginning of today’s ride, rocky sections would intimidate me but with some useful lessons, I learned how roll over them. It was awesome for the beginner in me. At the end of the ride I was even riding steep rock slabs. It was all about momentum, controlling my speed and having my body weight over the bottom bracket.

Already looking forward to my next visit here. Thanks Sab & Lina!

” Adventure can be an end in itself. Self-discovery is the secret ingredient that fuels daring” – Grace Lichtenstein

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